Makers of Fine Wands Since 2007

Wandcrafters handcrafts magic wands and related items.  We specialize in magic wands, and as of July 2009, have sold or given away over 300.

To read more about our wands and wandlore, and to see examples of our wands, use the links above. 

Our wands are not meant as toys.  Wands have been ritual objects in many traditions throughout the ages and throughout the world.  Our wand owners tend to be adults or young people 16 and older. 

Our wands have been adopted by Harry Potter fans, practitioners in need of a wand for a ritual, readers in need of a place-keeper, and ordinary people in need of a soothing object to carry.  In fact, to our surprise, there is hardly an adult we've met who has not gravitated to one particular wand in whatever collection we've shown them.  They seem to have universal appeal.

We also make pens, magnifying glasses, letter openers, batons, turned boxes and a variety of other small items.  We rarely have much inventory - things tend to get adopted rather quickly! Check back frequently to see what's new, and contact us by email to ask whether a particular item is still available.

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